The ABA Braves have been a constant in the travel baseball world for over 10 years. Beginning with age 8 and continuing through age 17. ABA has had over 75+ players receive college scholarships and 15 players drafted by Major League Baseball.

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The Atlanta Baseball Academy is a Christian-based baseball/softball organization that has been the staple for development and quality instruction for years. Our instructors all teach using the ABA Development Plan. Hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and throwing are all taught using a progression program. This progression scale is used by the coaches to determine the best course of action to develop your player further. Development is the KEY! We are happy to announce that we will be operating out of Handley Park in Tyrone, GA. Recreational and Travel Baseball teams will be offered. 

Individual instruction, classes (Combat Pitching & Throwing or Hardcore Hitting), and recreational & travel baseball teams are all geared to developing every player to the best of their abilities. The ABA Development Plan is in place to help all players develop further from year to year.

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"Development is the KEY!"

Handley Park - Tyrone, GA

"Home of the ABA Braves"

Our instruction is second to none. Our staff has a long pedigree in the coaching world at all ages. College coaches, high school coaches, and youth coaches all provide the best quality instruction available anywhere.

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the leader in baseball/softball instruction

ABA Tryouts: Handley Park in Tyrone, GA

Fall 8-14u Teams - August 13 - (10:00am FREE)

Spring 8-14u Teams - August 20 (10:00am) -21 (1:00pm) - $25