Build a relationship with each individual player and family within the organization.


Help players understand and address the areas of their game that need to be developed in order for them to reach their maximum potential.


The Elite Slugger program was developed as a gateway to help 8U-12U players transition to the 12U-14U Team Elite teams.

The Elite Slugger program provides weekly training to the players led by Team Elite's professional coaching staff.

The Elite Slugger program will provide instruction and assistance to individual head coaches with practice plans, drill ideas, game coaching strategies, lineups and other things on an as needed basis.

Players will be formally and informally evaluated at multiple points of the seasons in an effort to help focus their development of the individual player.

Players will work on developing not only their physical abilities but also their mental abilities in relation to instruction, drill work and live competition.

This program is comprised of 3 separate seasons:

FALL           =                (August - October)

WINTER      =                (December - January)

SPRING      =                 (February - May)

Each season we have multiple package selections available to meet the needs of all age groups and teams.  

For additional information and pricing, please contact:

Brett Evilsizor, Elite Sluggers Director



The Elite Sluggers teams are Academy Teams out of ABA. These teams are "dad coached" teams (except Lamb 12u) and very much like the teams we have had at ABA for the past 10 years. 

Each team will have 2 paid coaches joining the dad coaches for every outdoor practice and 1 paid coach for every indoor practice. 

There will be Fall Teams, Winter Workouts, Spring and Summer Teams.

Check back soon for details on all Elite Sluggers offerings. The goal is to have year round training for all players. 

Elite Sluggers tryouts (8u-14u) will be held on November 10, 2018 at 10:00am at Handley Park in Tyrone, GA


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