"Development is the KEY!"

2018 ABA Player Paperwork

Due October 1, 2017


The ABA Braves Travel Baseball Teams are all about developing players from ages 9-17 years old. The 9-14 age groups are the ABA Braves and the 15-17 age groups are a part of the demographically larger group, Atlanta Warriors Baseball Group. 

ABA Braves Teams

10U AA - Coach Chris Rock

10U AAA - Coach Joe Lamb

11U AAA - Coach Brandon Phillips

11U AAA - Coach Joe Lamb


13U AA - Coach Kyle Brooks

13U AAA - Coach Ty Mueller

14U AA - Coach Gatlin Curlee

14U AAA - Coach Derrick Laney

Atlanta Warriors Coaches:

15u - Tyler Meigs

16u - David Stephenson

17u - Jamie Sexton

Uniform Fitting Day!

Sunday November 5, 2017

10u Teams - 1:00pm

11u Teams - 2:00pm

13u Teams - 3:00pm

14u Teams - 4:00pm